Creativity: Disrupters, Dreamers, and Doers


Don’t reinvent the wheel. We hear people say that all the time regarding political policies, educational practices, and the way we do things in general. Reminding us that, probably, someone else came before us as a leader, teacher, or thinker and has already figured out, at least partially, the law, curriculum, issue, or materials. I propose that maybe they’re wrong. Maybe, just maybe, we really do need to reinvent the wheel. Maybe, just maybe, we don’t need a wheel at all!  Looking into the future, we might discover that the vehicle for politics, education, and society improvement doesn’t even have wheels.


Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. We hear this about political policies, society values, and educational practices when something new comes along. This type of thinking reminds us that traditional values, instructional practices or curriculum, and government institutions may not be ALL bad. That maybe, there is a precious “baby” in those old practices and that there are policies we should protect and keep safe as we toss out the old ones. Again, I disagree. Starting over, cleaning out the tub, and putting the baby to bed, rather than throwing it out, seems a better possibility.

1 put to sleep

Relying on old rhetoric, old ideas, old practices – just excuses. A red herring even – distractions to embracing change.


To innovate, to dream, to create a new way for society, institutions, and education – this is our path. From ideology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, and pedagogy – much is broken and needs to be tossed out, not reinvented, and definitely not saved.

We need a think-tank that re-imagines education, society, and the future. The Global Inclusion Network is a place for such people.

We bring together those who don’t just think outside of the box, but who have never even seen the box; those who embrace differences and seek to make the world equitable for all; those who take action when they see an issue; those who want to connect with others in the quest to make the world a better place.


A global citizenship that values creativity and recognizes that if education is the key, we need to break the lock so everyone has access to opening the door. Or, maybe we get rid of the door.


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