Angela Bergeson – Founder, Head of School, Professional Triber, Anti-bias Educator, Dreamer, and Doer

Welcome to The Global Inclusion Network – a resource and think-tank for disruptors, dreamers, and doers; citizens who want to improve society through organized action and dialogue.

A tribe formed by those with innovative ideas and new thoughts about the future. Those who seek and make change.

A tribe formed by those dreaming of a world that values all people and those who believe that embracing differences makes us, and the world, smarter, better, and more compassionate.


Angela Bergeson –

Founder and Director, Global Inclusion Network


Executive Director – Experience

-Consultant and Presenter: Curriculum development, design-thinking, instructional strategies, social justice, anti-bias, and international education
-Co-­founded The IDEAL School of Manhattan: Created school K-12 curriculum, designed the instructional program, expanded the school from 20 to 170 in 10 years, incorporated the International Baccalaureate MYP candidacy program
-27 years professional teaching and leadership experiences with 9 years as Head of School
-Experience in several states, districts, and schools at various instructional levels in public, religious, and independent school settings
-Extensive professional development in anti-bias, social justice, curriculum design, assessment, classroom management, design-thinking, technology, project-based learning, and inclusive instructional practices
-Background in working with diverse student populations (including ability, race, gender, socioeconomics, and religion)
-Passion for community building, service learning, and interdisciplinary education
-Successfully managed three facilities moves, purchase of building, and oversight of two campuses
-Executive training in administrative team leadership and oversight
-Depth of knowledge of all school operations including fundraising, finance, policy, and facilities
-Managed over 75 total faculty and staff, including 15 administrators
-BA in Elementary Education, Math Leadership Training, MaEd in Curriculum and Instruction
-National Teaching Certification in elementary education and a middle school endorsement
-Active in memberships within the Guild of New York City independent schools, New York State Association of Independent Schools, and the National Association of Independent Schools
-Married with four children-ages ranging from 23 to 8.

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